Tattoo, Body Piercing and Airbrushing specialists at Camberley Tattoo Studio in surrey

We know that having a tattoo or piercing can seem a little scary but with our friendly, helpful staff and clean, hygienic studio we will be sure to put you at ease. We like to think that we can do everything possible to make sure you come back for more…if you don’t mind a bit of pain.

What tattoo is for you ?

At Camberley Tattoo Studio we have books aplenty for you to look through and choose a tattoo design from. In many cases we know that people have their own ideas of what they want so we can then use our experience and expertise to help create something special and something unique.

We provide the whole package from design consultation through to our aftercare advice. We like to think that every customer leaves with a happy face even if they do feel a little tender. We value our customers a great deal and this had helped us build up a great reputation as the leading tattoo studio in and around Surrey.

If you need some inspiration for a tattoo you can view some online tattoo libraries here:

Panther or Pansy ?

Whatever type of tattoo that you are looking for - we specialise in them all. Our artists take pride in every tattoo to ensure your masterpiece lasts a lifetime.

We are a walk-in studio so feel free to drop in for a no-obligation consultation and we can work out what’s best for you.

We provide a professional consultation and always give honest opinions along the way. Bring in your ideas, drawings and pictures, tell us what you like and we are then on the way to creating something especially for you.

If you are looking for ideas then we have books, photographs and this website to help you find a style, design or image.

Massive tattoo or tiny tattoo ?

No tattoo is too large or too small! Whether you’re having a butterfly on your belly or bear on your back we ensure that having a tattoo at Camberley will be an experience to remember.

Anybody visiting Camberley Tattoo Studio to ‘get inked’ who looks under the age of consent will be asked to show suitable ID. 

It is illegal to tattoo anyone under the age of 18 - the only forms of ID that we accept are driving licences and passports.

If It’s a Piercing that you are after…

We provide most types of piercings: Noses, navel, nipples, ears, eyebrows and tongues but we do not pierce anything below the waist.

We do have a handful of terms and conditions:
  • Any piercings for under 16 years of age require parental consent.

  • Nipple piercings for women under 18 requires a parent present.

  • Albert piercings are catered for by Ruth at Urban Piercing in Reading

Phone 01276 679 003 or email us or drop in to our Surrey based tattoo studio to find out more.

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